How How Yerbi Used SEO To Score Organic ResultsUsed SEO To Score Organic Results Within 18 Months

90 %

Increase in Organic Revenue YoY

87 %

Increase in Top 3 Keyword Rankings YoY

75 %

Increase in Organic Transactions YoY

01. The Challenge

Keyword rankings took a hit due to a poor site migration

Lack of schema to improve SERP presence

Technical adjustments were required for performance and user experience benefits

01. The Solution

In 2015, Marc and his brother Andrew embarked on a journey to create a natural drink as delicious as homemade iced tea, minus excessive sugar and artificial additives. After six years of dedication, they perfected a globally acclaimed natural sweetener blend, earning the title of Australia’s beloved Naturally Sugar Free Brand in 2021.

Yerbi and Rank Glow teamed up with a shared goal of boosting organic traffic and revenue. Their collaboration, initiated in December 2021, was fueled by a robust SEO strategy. This strategy prioritized the enhancement of Yerbi’s keyword strategy, the elevation of content quality, and the resolution of technical issues that emerged due to a website migration.

Our skilled experts designed a smart marketing plan to improve our search result rankings. We focused on building quality links each month and keeping a close eye on Google’s health checks. The aim was to boost our page rankings, get more people visiting our site, and refine our keyword strategy to attract better leads and elevate organic ROI.

When we began working with Yerbi, our first step was to identify three main priorities together. These were to ensure that their top rankings remained steady during the website migration process, to attract more visitors to the site with valuable content, and to enhance the content on crucial category pages by adding keyword-rich copy.

Focusing on these priorities Rank Glow Experts enabled the sugar-free beverage company to gather more organic traffic through more qualified leads, thereby achieving their long term goal of increasing their organic ROI.

“Rank Glow has been extremely responsive and patient with us as our project has grown over time..”
COO Yerbi– Lexter Chen

03. Results

After the website migration, our team recognized the need to restore the organic results that Yerbi was used to. We worked on enhancing existing blog content, refining the overall site structure with more internal links, and resolving technical glitches. As a result, Rank Glow successfully contributed to the growth of the sugar-free drink brand.

Through our initial site audit, Rank Glow pinpointed content-related issues on the Yerbi website. By optimizing these aspects, we aimed to improve Yerbi’s keyword visibility. Our SEO experts worked on aligning elements like website content, meta descriptions, and page titles, ultimately assisting Yerbi in:

  • Organic revenue by 215% YoY 
  • Organic transactions by 164% YoY (from 94 to 254)
  • Organic non-branded clicks by 60% YoY (from 5.21K to 8.81K)
  • Organic non-branded impressions by 280% YoY (from 310K to 1.14M)
  • Organic assisted conversions by 78% YoY (from 84 to 438)
  • Increase keywords in positions 1-3 by 200% (from 42 to 123)
  • Increase keywords in positions 4-10 by 251% (from 86 to 302)
  • Increase the ‘sugar free kombucha’ keyword from p8 to p1 (search volume 1,300)
  • Increase the ‘sugar free drinks’ keyword from p47 to p5 (search volume 5,400)
  • Increase the ‘natural drinks’ keyword from p48 to p10 (search volume 30)