How Tentree's Paid Social Strategy Skyrockets
ROAS in Busy Sales Periods


increase in organic conversions YoY


increase in ‘contact us’ form submissions YoY


keywords in Top 3 positions

01. The Challenge

Rinse and Repeat ad copy method across multiple product lines

Audience overlap in targeting is causing ads to be less efficient than they could be.

Dependence on seasonal ads rather than using evergreen content.

Not conducting A/B testing for specific ad formats resulted in stagnant campaign performance.

02. Working Process

Tentree, a sleep and loungewear brand known for its fun, fresh, affordable, and comfortable products, was established in 2018 by media personality Jake Fraser and entrepreneur Elysa Betts. In March 2021, they teamed up with Rank Glow to launch a Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign. The objective was to enhance their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) during competitive sales periods.

Tentree, aiming for a strong online presence to match their reputable brand, found their solution with Rank Glow. Our team devised a comprehensive strategy that included a tailored paid social approach, optimized pixel and Google Analytics tracking, and seamless shop integrations with Facebook. Additionally, we ensured precise pixel tracking and Google Analytics setup to monitor customer interactions, enhancing campaign effectiveness.

We revamped their campaigns by introducing fresh URLs and product tagging for Instagram. Our team increased testing efforts, including a minimum of two copy options per product, and conducted audience tests with newly crafted segments. With improved pixel and UTM tracking, Tentree witnessed substantial growth throughout 2021.

“They are always willing to take a new approach if needed. We like that flexibility!”
Marketing Manager, Tentree – Coco McWade

03. Perfect Result

Utilizing Facebook’s latest features, including product tagging on Instagram, Rank Glow executed a tailored Paid Social campaign and undertook a comprehensive account restructure to fuel Tentree’s expansion. In a mere 11 months, the sleep and loungewear brand achieved remarkable results.

  • Increase paid social conversion rate by 126% (from 20.47% to 56.95%)
  • Increase paid social revenue by 172% (from $119,321.16 to $340,266.04)
  • Increase click-through rates by 23% (from 0.51% to 0.83%) 
  • Increase ROAS by 175% (from 7.85 to 21.64)
  • Decrease cost per purchase by 61% (from $10.98 to $3.20)

Additionally We

  • Enhanced their campaign structure to ensure that advertisements lead audiences further into their marketing funnel.
  • Introduced eye-catching advertisements to attract a larger audience of top-of-funnel consumers.
  • Established a strong promotional calendar backed by cohesive integrated campaigns.
  • Continuously conducted tests and optimizations, including audience testing, ad copy variations, and creative experiments across various product lines.