How a body-sculpting clinic used SEO
to grow organic visibility



increase in organic conversions YoY



increase in organic visits YoY



keywords in Top 3 positions

01. The Challenge & Solution

Website performance is being affected by issues with linking and form submissions.

The body sculpting industry is a very competitive vertical

The current website navigation was not optimized for conversions.

The local Google My Business (GMB) pack was not optimized, lacking NAP consistency and UTM tracking.

01. The Working Process

Aiming to help both men and women in reaching their body goals, this non-surgical clinic provides a diverse array of effective treatments for body contouring and facial rejuvenation, tailored to each customer. Utilizing cutting-edge medical-grade procedures, these professionals empower clients to attain their desired body shape.

In August 2021, this client approached Rank Glow with a desire to restore their organic traffic, enhance non-branded visibility, boost online booking conversions, and improve keyword rankings within the B2C body-sculpting industry.

Given the industry’s unique demands, a precisely targeted content strategy was essential, addressing the user journey’s various stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Balancing content across these stages was key to smoothly guiding users from learning to making choices. Upon joining forces, we noted that the client’s blog production had stalled for over a year, with only a couple of blogs being produced over the past couple of years.

We developed a blog content calendar that incorporated TOF (Top of Funnel) blogs, strategically aimed at capturing relevant keywords. Additionally, we focused on hyper-relevant keywords within FAQ-related content. This valuable content was seamlessly integrated at the bottom of their homepage using accordion menus.

Furthermore, we discovered various technical issues on the website. These included a significant number of 404 pages resulting from a previous migration involving an old URL structure. We also found unoptimized metadata causing keyword conflicts, and there were problems with goal tracking within analytics.

“The process of working with Rank Glow is very simple, and it’s always a pleasure to work with them.”
Marketing Director – Kristen Hendricks

03. Perfect Result

Even in a tough market, our SEO experts achieved impressive results for the body-sculpting clinic. In a short time, Rank Glow made significant improvements:

  • Organic conversions by 19% YoY 
  • Organic traffic by 57% YoY
  • Domain rating by 65% YoY (from 2 to 11)
  • Organic non-branded clicks by 30% YoY
  • Conversion rate by 51% MoM

After partnering with the clinic, we’ve consistently witnessed the growth of their keywords month after month. Through a careful strategy, our experts targeted the right keywords to boost their organic visibility. To note, Rank Glow was able to:

  • Increase overall keyword reach by 125% (from 1,210 to 3,210)
  • Increase keywords in the top 3 increased by 84% (from 128 to 233)
  • Rank #1 for ‘under eye filler’ (search volume: 92,323)
  • Rank #1 for ‘jawline filler’ (search volume: 18,363)
  • Rank #1 for ‘body sculpting’ (search volume: 15,110)
  • Rank #1 for ‘fat reduction’ (search volume: 4,216)