How we achieved 3.29% conversion rate for an
Football manufacturer Company through PPC.

6.32 %

The average CTR generated across our campaigns.


High quality leads generated which turned into high-value conversions.

3.29 %

The average conversion rate across our PPC advertising.

01. Key Challenges

The business had no track record of success, which made it difficult to attract new customers.

It's tough to nail down the right keywords to target because people have unique needs, which leads to low traffic and few conversions.

A competitive industry with a lot of competition from larger companies.

02. Working Process

We used tailored PPC campaigns and optimized landing pages to generate leads and scale the business. We understood the unique needs of our customers and their pain points, so we conducted in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis to ensure our campaigns were as effective as possible.

We tailored our search campaigns to specific industries, creating landing pages that were optimized for conversions. We highlighted the unique selling points of each industry in our ad copy, and even with a small budget, we saw positive results.

We kept our campaigns on track by closely monitoring performance and conducting weekly search term audits. We made sure to stay within budget and maintain high conversion rates by adjusting our campaigns as needed.

We kept a close eye on keyword performance and tested different strategies to optimize our CPC and get high-quality leads. When demand outpaced our existing campaigns, we launched new ones that focused on custom keywords. We prioritized quality over quantity to ensure that our leads were valuable.

Our strategic shift resulted in a significant number of leads below our target cost per lead in the first six months. We improved lead quality while managing costs effectively by focusing on high-performing, custom keywords and prioritizing quality over quantity.

03. Perfect Results

In the first six months of working with the business, we achieved the following results:

  • Generated 180 high-quality leads that turned into high-value conversions.
  • Achieved an average CPL of £19, which was well below our target KPI.
  • Achieved an average conversion rate of 3.49% across our PPC advertising campaigns.
  • Generated an average CTR of 7.64% across our campaigns, which was significantly higher than the industry average.
  • Generated an average CTR of 7.64% across our campaigns, which was significantly higher than the industry average.
  • Established a collaborative partnership with the client, which allowed us to communicate our KPIs and strategies effectively.