How we helped a well known shoes brand
to gain 34K followers on TikTok.

34 K

followers gained on TikTok across a 4 month period.

1.3 M

views generated by our best-performing TikTok

135 K

total likes across our posts for the watch brand.

01. Key Challenges

The business had no track record of success, which made it difficult to attract new customers.

Identifying the right keywords is challenging because people have unique needs. This can lead to low traffic and low conversion rates.

A competitive industry with a lot of competition established brands.

02. Working Process

We were approached by a well-known shoe company and their sister brand to help them build their TikTok presence. One account had a few posts and a trickle of followers, mostly from other brands tagging them in viral videos. The other brand had no account at all, so we were starting from scratch with both of them.

We created engaging content calendars that aligned with trends, key dates, and promotions to boost brand presence and awareness on TikTok. For the watch company, we used a mix of influencer and in-house content, and we sourced influencers that matched the brand’s unique selling points. For the sister company, we started from scratch and repurposed user-generated content and in-house content to quickly build an engaging portfolio and attract influencers.

We created a separate influencer tracking system for the sister brand, and we allocated a budget for boosted posts to leverage the algorithm and drive account growth. The shoes brand reached 35K followers in 3 months, while the sister brand reached 2.5K followers in 2 months with a smaller budget for boosted posts.

“Their results were exactly as promised, and they kept their deliverables realistic.”
Marketing Coordinator Shoes Brand – Emily Dao-Forrester

03. Perfect Results

Here are some of the results we achieved during our partnership:

  • Grew the Shoes brand’s following from 7,000 to 34,000 in 4 months.
  • Generated over 1 million views in one month for the Shoes brand.
  • Created viral TikToks, with our best-performing post generating over 1.3M views.
  • Generated over 135k likes for the Shoes brand.
  • Grew the sister brand’s following from scratch to 1,600 in 3 months.
  • Generate over 90,000 views on one of our best-performing TikTok for the sister brand
  • Coordinated a successful influencer marketing strategy.