How Festok's Facebook campaigns saw a significant increase
in ROAS, driving 190% more purchases.

9.02 %

ROAS from Facebook/Instagram Advertising.

120 %

Increase in sales from proactive Top of the Funnel marketing.

190 %

Drove 190% more purchases over the Q4 period.

01. The Challenge

Inconsistent sales across their channels.

Top-of-funnel campaigns failed to reach the right people.

The freelancer's poor social media marketing prevented the brand from expanding.

Paid Social campaigns missed the mark, failing to reach engaged shoppers with relevant offers.

02. The Solution

Festok, a German rolled ice cream brand, quickly gained popularity and expanded to prestigious locations and international events. In Q4, they wanted to take their business to the next level and hired Rank Glow to help them with their marketing strategy.

Festok’s sales were down in September, so we shifted our messaging to focus on gifting for the busy Q4 season. Videos were the most effective, driving engagement and purchases with a ROAS of 3.29.

We retargeted specific audiences to keep them engaged and prevent them from dropping off. We emphasized Festok’s unique brand instead of relying on discounts, and we increased our budget to reach more people. This resulted in over 800 purchases during November and December, and an ROAS of 10.02 over Black Friday.

“They provide us with a complete package and are able to seamlessly scale the work up and down depending on our needs.”

CEO, Festok – Maya Miller

03. Perfect Result

The Festok campaign was a huge success:

  • We increased Festok’s ad budget by 167% in Q4, which resulted in a 190% increase in purchases.
  • We ran successful brand awareness and retargeting campaigns during Black Friday, with a high return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Festok had their most profitable Q4 ever, with an ROAS of 11.02 during Black Friday.
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA) per new customer decreased by 49%
  • Product purchases increased by 312%.
  • Drove a 79% increase in Conversion Rate.
  • Proactive top-of-the-funnel marketing resulted in a 182% increase in sales for the LOL collaboration.
  • Improved the campaign structure for better results, cutting unnecessary costs by targeting top-performing audiences at every stage of the sales funnel.